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Confidentiality of Health Information

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It has come to our attention that employees are inappropriately sharing information about other employees’ health status. While we understand that people are scared and worried about COVID-19, HR wants to remind you to respect your colleagues by honoring their privacy. HR also asks you to be mindful of others feelings and fears especially during this very stressful time. We need to work together to support our teammates and to ensure that everyone remains safe and healthy.

It is not the responsibility or right for anyone to tell another employee that someone has contracted an illness, infer that someone may have caused another employee’s illness based on speculation, or share the health status of an employee.

While employees may be able to deduce who the impacted employee is, this is not a topic for discussion, or gossip.  Sharing any medical condition is not for open communication with other staff members.  No assumptions should be made, no accusations should be made.

Any and all information related to positive individuals and/or possible exposure to someone positive will only be reported to Human Resources. Upon HR notification and confirmation, notification will only be provided to the immediate supervisor, and John McGuire, as our EOC Liaison. Information will not be provided simply because it is asked.  Only those who are directly impacted will be informed of the possible exposure.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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