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Good afternoon,

It gives me great pleasure to announce our first Star Award winners:  Nida Ammar and Serina Garmon

Nida’s nominator stated,

“Nida has taken extra initiative above and beyond the scope of her regular duties and responsibilities by reviewing templates for client correspondence, policies and procedures and correspondence to staff by providing feedback and suggestions to improve the content and message of the documents. She was also able to provide valuable information and feedback on the quality of the Limited English Proficiency translation and interpretation services the agency receives from our vendors, which is important for ongoing continued compliance. She is passionate about language and it shows in her dedication to quality service and the care and attention to the needs of the residents and the community. Her feedback helps LMH provide a better quality of service by making the written content easier to understand and the message more cohesive.

Co-workers expressed the following, “Nida is a great asset to I.T. and LMH."  "She is an awesome human being and a beautiful soul."   Nida is an absolute pleasure to work with and she has an exemplary work ethic and commitment to the mission and vision of the agency.”

Serina was selected for her recent interaction with a former resident ~

A resident was known to walk numerous miles daily all around town. While walking in inclement weather one day, the resident ended up in the hospital.  Concerned that she had not seen the resident, Serina began to investigate.  She tried calling numerous nursing homes, tried to locate family and friends, even going so far as to ask his storage company to check their surveillance cameras to see if he had been there.  She attempted to file a missing person’s report with no luck because she was not his next of kin, and sadly, she even called the Coroner’s office.

She later discovered that he was placed by the hospital into a nursing home.  After several phone calls, she found him and was able to make a visit to check on him at which time she learned he had been assigned a guardian by the State.  It was agreed that the resident did not need to be permanently placed into a nursing home; however, because of  his proud nature and independence, the resident refused to agree to having assistance upon his release.  Serina continued to visit with him, encouraging him to accept the home assistance in order for him to return home.  Unfortunately, the nursing home informed her he is now under their care permanently and her responsibility of being his social worker had ended.

Serina’s manager expressed how touched she was by her diligence and all the love shown to the resident and how she sought after him as if he were family.

Serina truly exemplified the meaning of working with a Sense of Compassion.

Congratulations to these STAR employees and may you continue your awesome work for LMH.

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