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  1. Below is the film Zip Code Matters by The Fair Housing Center that was referenced in this month's issue of the LMH Advocate.
  2. 1. Identify what processes require paper. (Identify software and reason for need for paper) 2. Identify what processes use paper now for convenience or because we always have done it that way. (Do you use pen and paper as part of a process?) 3. Identify critical documents your department uses? (each department should create a list of frequently used documents). 4. Identify documents that are already being used in electronic format? 5. Identify what documents are currently being copied. (Do we have to keep copying them or is this just a practice?) 6. Identify you regularly keep notes in a resident, applicant, or participant’s file? 7. Identify any software product you use, like Microsoft One Note or Elite, to keep notes or information? 8. Identify issues with paperless processes from user perspective. (What paper do residents, vendors, or others use.) 9. Identify what works well with paperless processes from user perspective. 10. Identify how a paperless process could improve? 11. Identify how any process, paperless or using paper, could be improved using technology? 12. Identify possible name conventions for document storage within in your department and the agency? 13. Identify what training needed to help with current paperless processes. 14. Identify actions taken now that require paper could be replaced if technology permitted. For example, instead of signing a document, using an electronic signature program to obtain signatures. 15. Identify how current paper files are stored, maintained and access? 16. Identify pros and cons of current electronic document management system? 17. Identify pros and cons of current paper document storage system? 18. Identify costs or savings that would be increased or decreased by going paperless? 19. Identify priority of documents that should be converted into fillable PDF? 20. Identify any other issue that needs to be considered?
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