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I know one of the things LMH is working on is safer campuses where all residents have the opportunity to enjoy the community peacefully.  The summer is almost here and each campus is getting hotter and hotter in more ways than the weather.  With warmer weather comes more activity.  We know as staff the cameras on each of the campuses aren't the best, and the residents find out for themselves when they report an incident and the camera provides no help.  I've heard from many residents say, "The cameras don't work."

I'm wonder if there is a possibility to offer residents a Ring camera doorbell as an option they could pay for, and LMH would install.  This would provide the resident with a sense of security, at no cost to LMH.  I'm asking for a reason.  In front of me is a video of a young man being shot at in broad daylight.  The young man runs behinds a residents vehicle and pulls out a pistol until the coast is clear.  I can't identify the young man because he has a hoodie on, but I have an idea because of the skin tone and body build.  If we had just a few Ring cameras in the community because a few folks decided to opt in, this could possibly curve some of the activity that is happening on each of the campuses. 

If a resident had footage of an incident they would be willing to offer the footage because they have the same interest as LMH does to keep the community safe.  Rings also provide an appearance of safety, and the more Rings in the community the less likely there is any backlash from incidents being reported.  

All residents should have the right to enjoy the community peacefully.  This could help the cause.     

With gratitude,



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I like this idea Kam. Resident's would have to have in-home Wi-Fi to support the doorbells and they would need to pay for a Ring Protect subscription which starts at $30 per year (or $3 per month). I would be willing to assist maintenance in getting a couple of these installed as a pilot. It would be interesting to see what impact these might have on crime reduction in certain hotspots. 

- Aaron C. 

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